A Word to the USA

As I was praying on my back deck today, the Spirit of the Lord began to move as a wind through the trees. As the wind became stronger, the following word came to me:

“I am bringing an end to the drought in this nation! I will end the dry and thirsty land. I will saturate this earth with the fullness of my Holy Spirit. I will saturate this nation with truth.

These dry bones will live again!

I will bring an end to the spirit of molech in this nation. I will toss him into the depth of the sea to be chained until the end of days where he will be plucked out and thrown into the lake of fire.

I will restore truth to the hearts of the people of this nation. I will restore truth to the White House and to the Congress. I will drive out evil from the leadership of this nation.

Behold, you will see the rains come again to the middle of this land. You will see an end to the fires of destruction and the winds of destruction. Once again this nation will stand on my word.

I will saturate the land with the power of My Word!

Stand, as My People in this nation and command that the evil of this nation’s leadership will be taken down.

No longer will My People stand silent! No longer will My People succumb to the evils of the political and social Nazi’s who would steal away freedom.

My People must humble themselves and pray, but like Moses, must stand with arms outstretched and proclaim the victory of My Making for this nation.

Look for the month of October, for in that month much will change and you will see the power of My Holy Spirit at work in this nation.”


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2 Responses to “A Word to the USA”

  1. anewcreation Says:

    Amen Dave! What a wonderful word of hope and restoration. Having just returned from three weeks in California I can really relate to the drought and the fires you speak of, both literally and in the spiritual sense.

    How are things with your job?



    • David Says:


      It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. God is ready to do wonderful things in this nation and yours. We must first, as His people, humble ourselves, before Him and pray for restoration and healing.

      God is good to me and my job continues, though many around me are losing theirs. Pray for them as well.

      God Bless You Dave David Gill



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